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Brands and manufacturers in the hockey field. Here are some ice hockey brands and manufacturers in the hockey field. This area is being constantly expanded! From Bauer to CCM and Warrior to smaller ice hockey brands you get an overview here!


The bestseller symbol for a product shows you that it is a bestseller, that is, a product that we sell very often in the price class. We will test the products in detail and evaluate them with our team in order to give you the best possible recommendations in hockey equipment. Who would like to order a hockey complete equipment, should best put together his products. If your selected ice hockey equipment also has an additional icon "our tip" or "pro-tip", you make everything right.


Buttendz is committed to providing the highest quality grips in the world and will continue to bring new technology and ideas with each new grip design, regardless of sport.  We love pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for the athlete’s scoring weapon.

The Buttendz Difference:

  • Enhanced feel when stick handling.
  • A consistent feel for your top hand, EVERY time.
  • Reduced grip pressure in the top hand; promoting harder, more accurate shots.
  • Reduced vibration when shooting and receiving passes.
  • Reduced wear to

    1.)   Spray Buttendz applicator (THIS IS NOT A GLUE!) into both ends of the grip (4 times into each end); spray top of stick twice.  

    2.)   Pinch grip onto the stick, until it slides over the top.  The grip will expand over the stick.  

    3.)   Once the grip is over the top, gently TWIST the grip down into position.   DO NOT PULL IT STRAIGHT DOWN! IT WILL TEAR!

    4.)   Let the grip dry overnight.  DO NOT USE THE GRIP UNTIL IT IS LOCKED IN AND COMPLETELY DRY.

CCM Hockey

It took 100 years of hard work and dedication on the part of every single CCM employee to get to where CCM is today, positioned as the largest hockey equipment manufacturer in the world.The beginning of hockey is debatable, Montreal, Kingston, Halifax, England and even Holland, but there is no debate over CCM's roots. In September of 1899 Canada Cycle & Motor Company Limited opened its doors for business in Weston, Ontario, Canada.

By 1905 the market for bicycles in Canada began to decline with market saturation and seasonality playing key roles. Experimentation with importing and the manufacturing of automobiles also did not work out. It is at this point that the sport of ice hockey was growing rapidly and CCM decided to endeavor into the market place with the launch of the CCM Automobile Skate. Within 30 years CCM dominated the hockey skate market with over 90% of all players wearing CCM skates with the remaining percentage being divided amongst seven other manufacturers. In fact, the NHL scoring champions between 1939 and 1969 all wore the world famous Tackaberry hockey boot with the CCM Prolite blade.


CCM has a rich history of equipping the best hockey players in the world. CCM signed Hall of Fame legend King Clancy in 1936 as the first official spokesman.

Since then, CCM has been represented by a list of hockey legends including Paul Henderson, Darryl Sittler, Mark Messier, and current NHL superstars such as Carey Price, Sidney Crosby, Pavel Datsyuk, John Tavares, and Connor McDavid. With the help of constant research and product testing by the best hockey players in the world, CCM has built products from the inside out – high-quality, intuitive equipment that becomes an extension of the athletes themselves.

Hockey is made of many things. It's made of frozen ponds, backyard rinks and community arenas. It's made of the sense of belonging to a team. It’s the rush you feel when the puck drops. It’s paying off all the hours of hard training and early morning practices. It inspires greatness while keeping you honest and humble. Hockey much more than just a game; it's a way of life. We have always been, and always will be, a part of this game.


The Mark Series

Labeda has been manufacturing performance skate wheels since 1969. The Mark series and Five Milers were the standard before anyone ever knew about making urethane wheels. History was made when the Mark series switched over to urethane. The Featherweights then took the design envelope even farther making them the lightest wheel to roll on floors.

The Proline

Not satisfied with just having the most innovative wheels on the market, the Proline was created. This plate was so far ahead of its time, it¹s design is still being copied to this day.

We have seen brands come and go, but Labeda continues to lead the way. To this day, we here at Labeda are still keeping to the same philosophy of making all of our wheels in the USA. When it comes to performance, innovation and tradition, there is only one choice.


Our founder, Robert Labeda, was tired of his son’s wooden quad wheels breaking mid race so he set out to create a better wheel, Labeda Wheels, which are made out of urethane.  We were the first company to introduce urethane wheels in the United States.  As technologies improved, we combined forces with BF Goodrich.  This joint effort created the first urethane blended core (ESTALOC) to create a chemical bond with outer urethane to prevent delamination.  This was just one of our many firsts.  We created the first clear urethane wheel, the first aluminum core, and the first urethane core.  We also were the first company to bring FLEX TECHNOLOGY into the design of the wheel.  All of these firsts have enabled Labeda to stay on top of the game.  We created the standard in which the industry follows today.  Superior engineering, extensive research and development with the best service in the industry enables us to have the most serious commitment to retailers, skate manufacturers, skates, and competitors alike.  It comes as no surprise that this passion continues today.


Located in Southern California, our state of the art 70,000 sq. ft facility houses out world headquarters.  Here we have centralized our hub for worldwide distribution, design, engineering, testing, manufacturing, marketing, sales, shipping, warehousing, and administrative offices.  Having all our services under one roof allows for quicker market response which in turns enables improved service, efficiency, and quality.  Our market is highly competitive, so staying on top and creating new technology is paramount to out ongoing success.  As part of our world headquarters facility, our in-house R&D Department provides an immediate proving ground for new product formulas.  Our in house rink allows us to product test all current and future products.


With over four decades of experience and all of our innovations and industry firsts, our dedication to doing things right will always be a way of life.

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