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Bauer Fitting Information


Designed to move, VAPOR offers quickness and flexibility for players built for speed. Lightweight construction and a tapered fi t allow dynamic motion for the fastest players in the fastest sport. Bauer Vapor Skates are distinctive in design and have been fitted with the typical Vapor Red for years. Not only in the youth, the design enjoys regular popularity. The Vapor series is by all price classes the toughest skates from Bauer and thus especially with the hockey players always in demand. The fit is narrow at the heel and is wider (Tapered Fit). The ankle area is relatively short at the Vapor, as well as in the instep and foot height, the Vapor has less space than the Supreme or Nexus series. Vapor stands with its skates for Dynamic Speed.


Engineered from hockey’s DNANEXUS infuses authenticity with technology. The newest family of BAUERproducts combines the latest in performance technology with an authentic look and feel for pure control. The wider fit and classic fl ex is an innovation made for the hockey purist. Bauer Nexus Skates have a simple and classic design. The color Nexus is blue. Just the right thing for all old school hockey players who would like to have the fit of your old farming skates from 10 years ago. The heel in the Nexus ice skate is wide and seat-deep. In the heel and ankle the Nexus has the maximum space (Classic Fit). The Nexus skates are also the most soft and comfortable skates in the Bauer family. Nexus skates represent the best control on the ice.


Built for power, the anatomical fit of SUPREME skates and protective gear hugs closely to the body, offering unparalleled performance and protection for a bold style of play. The SUPREME stick supports that powerful style with a flex engineered for heavy shots. Bauer Supreme Skates have a simple design that is distinguished by its golden color. In the three peasant families, the hardness of the ice skating of the entire Supreme series would be classified as "medium-hard". The Supreme ice skates are very close-fitting (Anatomical Fit) from the fit. The heel is medium deep and is wider in contrast to the Vapor. In the tension and forefoot area, the Supreme are also higher than Vapor and thus has a little more space in these areas. Also the side hole section in which the ankle seat is longer. The rear Tandem Guard is flexible and thus ensures maximum flexibility. Supreme stands with your skate for explosive power.

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