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cheap hockey sticks, composite racquets from Bauer, Warrior and CCM as well as the top new HIGH Class brand Instrike for everyone the right inline and hockey sticks

Icehockey Composite Hockey Sticks Senior

Composite racket ice hockey adults by Bauer, CCM, Warrior and Instrike
Hardness: 80 Flex to 112 Flex
Length: about 165 cm of the racket. Some sticks are 3 ", which is about 7 cm longer - this should be stated, for example, all INSTRIKE Black Power Sticks (not Light) .The right side can be found by looking at which hand is down when punching, while right-handers normally choose a Left Hockey Stick

Composite Stick Senior till 80 Flex

Composite Stick Senior bis 80 Flex
Stiffness: 70 Flex (30kp) bis 80 Flex (37KP)
Lenght: ca 165 cm

Intermediate Composite Schläger

Intermediate Sticks for player between Junior and Senior
Stiffness: 55 Flex till 75 Flex (35 KP)
length: approx. 155 cm

Composite Hockey Sticks Junior

Composite racket Junior, slightly higher quality racket Junior.
Hardness: 40 flex to 65 flex
Length of the clubs: about 145 cm
for body length up to 162
The exact information which racket is the right one for the junior can be found under the help of the respective product. Think of it. The hand below is his side you must choose.

youth composite eishockey sticks

Bambini hockey sticks, high-quality composite rackets for children between 4-7 years - up to your body size up to 145 cm.
Check the right side of the racket to find out which hand is down when your child blows. A right-hander needs normal left-throats.

Wood-ABS Stick Senior

Cheap Wood ABS Stick Senior,ABS Stick,hockey stick, For Hockey Outdoor

Wood Stick Youth - Junior

Wood Stick Youth (Bambini) - Junior
For Hockey Outdoor or iced see


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stickside, length and flex

How to choose the correct side for my stick:

It's very easy to choose the correct side for your stick.

Just ask yourself which hand is down at the shaft if you perform a slpashot. This hand specifies which side you need at your stick. It has no effect if the player is a right hander or left hander


left = left hand down at the shaft
right = right hand down at the shaft

Bambini/Youth/Kid: Sticks are suitable for players with a height up to 130cm

Junior: Sticks are suitable for players of a hight between 130cm and 155 cm

Intermediate: Sticks are suitable for players of a hight between 155-165cm 

Leisure time player shouldn't choose a stick with more than 85 Flex

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