Warrior Covert QRE Stick Senior 85 Flex 63"

Warrior Covert QRE Stick Senior 85 Flex 63"
Warrior Covert QRE Stick Senior 85 Flex 63" (2)
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Warrior Covert QR Edge Grip composite hockey stick 85 Flex extra long. This game-changing stick carries forward a few successful design features.

QR Edge taper for explosive release
Minimus Carbon technology for improved energy transfer
True one-piece technology for lightweight response
Pro Cortex Grip for optimum hand control
Foam-filled core blade with heel-to-toe stringers for stiffness
The big change for this year is in the QR Edge taper. Warrior is now moving away from the familiar Dagger taper with a new angular edge taper. The QR Edge hockey stick drives flex energy through the hosel while magnifying power and creating a quick release. The new Edge is easier to load and has a more explosive quick release because energy transfers all the more easily through the shaft, blade, and puck. This unique geometry is more stable than traditional tapers but still creates a very thin taper into the blade, so you're still getting an extremely quick release. In addition, the blade stays square during big shots, without any twisting or torquing, helping to improve the shot's accuracy.

The construction material in the Warrior Covert QR Edge hockey stick is the Minimus Carbon 1200. Another welcome upgrade, you still get a Minimus design, but it's now the 1200 instead of the 1000 in last year's QRL. 12K carbon fiber is still a commonly used pro specification in the NHL, and its high-strength, lightweight flat-weave carbon composite design improves the stick's construction. With this ultra-thin carbon fiber stick, energy transfers are now easier and a little more efficient in each release. It's also a more durable stick that manages impacts better and helps provide better pop-life.

Though re-engineered, the True one-piece construction is a carry-over feature, so the stick is still consistent top to bottom, but with an improved balance point. A one-piece hockey stick helps to keep the stick lightweight while enhancing how it feels during play by giving you more control and a better response. The blade still offers a traditional foam-filled core with heel-to-toe stringers for stiffness. Overall, the whole stick is on the stiffer, livelier side. You still get a good puck feel, but the QR Edge is a great choice for players who also prefer a livelier stick.

A textured surface joined with a soft but tacky Pro Cortex Grip will lock your hands in place for optimum hand control. The carbon fiber on the Warrior QR Edge is now almost totally exposed for a sharp, minimalist look without being too flashy.

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