Warrior Covert Krypto Pro Grip Stick Senior 75 Flex

Warrior Covert Krypto Pro Grip Stick Senior 75 Flex
Warrior Covert Krypto Pro Grip Stick Senior 75 Flex (2)
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Featuring MINUMUS CARBON UD, the Warrior Covert KRYPTO PRO senior stick comes in 60" length and is designed for recreational and league players who spend three hours or more per week on the ice and are looking for a stick with pro features, but at the same time needs to be more durable than most top of the line models without sacrificing quality and performance.

For this purpose, the KRYPTO PRO stick uses, among other things, the R.L.C 133 technology.
REVOLUTIONARY LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION 133 is a premium carbon construction that uses the latest fiber technology and epoxy resin formulation for ultimate strength and playability.

The use of high quality unidirectional MINUMUS CARBON UD, as well as the reduction of excess material lowers the overall weight and also makes the stick stronger.

The proven, multi-edged EDGE TAPER at the bottom of the shaft provides easy and fast charging and efficiently directs energy to the blade to fire shots even faster and more directly. Players love the QUICK RELEASE - especially for wrist shots.

The FUEL CORE blade features a lightweight polymer core that improves disc feel when shooting and receiving passes and puts the "POP" in shots.
The composite layers around the core are specially designed to be even more resistant and increase the durability of the blade.

The shaft of the KRYPTO stick has a GRIP coating all the way down to the EDGE TAPER.
There, the stick has a matte, textured finish with no grip to make it easier to SLIDE on the shaft in certain playing situations like bully with your gloves.

The WARRIOR COVERT KRYPTO PRO stick in senior length is made for ambitious hobby and league players who expect a great stick for manageable money and want to have fun with their playing equipment for a long time.

This series is also an excellent choice for teams that want to provide their players with professional sticks but don't have the budget for the most expensive models.

Core features of the KRYPTO PRO stick:

- R.L.C. 133 - for high strength and playability.

- MINIMUS CARBON UD - for lighter weight and better durability

- EDGE TAPER - for easy charging and fast RELEASE

- FUEL CORE - for better feel and durability

Dimensions of the Krypto Pro Stick SENIOR, 75 flex:
- Weight: approx. 430g
- Length: 60"

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