INSTRIKE BlackPower Lite Stick Intermediate 60 Flex

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INSTRIKE BlackPower Lite Stick Intermediate 60 Flex
INSTRIKE BlackPower Lite Stick Intermediate 60 Flex (2) INSTRIKE BlackPower Lite Stick Intermediate 60 Flex (3)
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One of the most stable Intermediate stick on the market at a sensational price. This is the little brother of our famous BlackPower stick. This solid stick has very good handling and a good balance for his weight.
  You will love the feeling of the BlackPower Lite stick. Instrike has once again created an outstanding product with a unique price performance.

526 gramm

See the graphic in the product images for dimensions:
hockey stick dimensions in inches= 57" (1"=2.54cm)
Total hockey stick dimensions in cm= 155

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