Vaughn Ventus LT68 Arm-Chest-Protector Junior

Vaughn Ventus LT68 Arm-Chest-Protector Junior
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The Vaughn Ventus LT68 Goalie Chest Protector is specifically designed for junior goaltenders playing up the advanced level of competition. With a mixture of high quality materials and an excellent design, the LT68 allows the goaltender to remain extremely mobile without sacrificing its superior protection and increased net coverage.

- Light weight design and construction
- Durable hardware
- Nylon and mesh materials
- Ventus logos embroidered

- Large shoulder floaters
- Padded shoulder caps

- Anatomically positioned high density (HD) chest blocks
* Allows the chest protection to bend and flex with the body
- Reinforced sternum chest plate
* Helps disperse puck impacts
- Cushion padding on inner lining of the chest pad
- Built in frontal neck protection
- Segmented high density (HD) belly flap
- Soft wrap around Side rib protection

- Four point adjustable elastic elbow strapping
- Fully molded poly reinforced forearm and bicep protection
- Two-piece hinged arm floaters
- Arms are stitched into place at the shoulder

- High density foam spine protector
- Adjustable

- Adjustment 1.5" elastic back straps
- Adjustable belly height system

WEIGHT of a size M arm-chest-protector:
- approximately grams

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