Replacements Blades & Shaft

Remnants of blades, several brands, Original price up to € 3

Remnants of blades, several brands, Original price up to € 3

A diversity of brands, as the storeman decides from our assortment of ABS blades. You will not be able to choose, which explains the sensational price. We cannot answer to your wishes in this case.

The blade doesn't have to be the blade that is shown in the picture

14.49 €
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Elbow Reststock Senior
25.99 €
37.99 € *
incl. VAT
plus shipping
32 %
Shinguard Reststock Senior
37.99 €
49.95 € *
incl. VAT
plus shipping
24 %
Several Brands Composite Stick Senior Flex 80-95 and up RRP
43.98 €
89.95 € *
incl. VAT
plus shipping
51 %
Stick - Remnants different brands, taken out off the shelf r
17.26 €
24.95 € *
incl. VAT
plus shipping
31 %
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