Tuuk Lightspeed 4 EDGE Stainless Runner one pair

Tuuk Lightspeed 4 EDGE Stainless Runner one pair
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Tuuk Lighstpeed 4 Edge Runner - fits to all Edge Holder, the same runner is used at the 1X ice-skate

- packaged as 2 (1 pair)
- 10ft radius
- Higher steel profile for longer sharpening life, greater angle of attack and custom profiling
- engineered to fit seamlessly into the white Tuuk lightspeed edge holder
- for Exaple for Bauer 1x iceskate or other Edge Runner
- including special tool for a quick release of the runner

Sizing chart:
254 mm: 6D, 6EE, 6.5D
263 mm: 6.5EE, 7D, 7EE, 7.5D
272 mm: 7.5EE, 8D, 8EE, 8.5D
280 mm: 8.5EE, 9D, 9EE, 9.5D
288 mm: 9.5EE, 10D, 10EE, 10.5D
296 mm: 10.5EE, 11D, 11EE, 11.5D
306 mm: 11.5EE, 12D, 12EE

WEIGHT of a size 9 blade:
- approximately 148 grams

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600 €2%
1000 €4%
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