Go4Dry professional dryer for shoes and sports equipment

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Removes moisture and inhibits the formation of odors and bacteria in skates, gloves and other sports as well as everyday shoes. Equipment Dryer Go4Dry is a professional drying machine for all sports equipment and shoes. Particularly suitable for ice skates, street shoes and other sporting goods that can be put on the two arms.

The shoe dryer Go4Dry is a compact home appliance that simply cleans and dries your shoes. The Go4Dry works without water.
Dirty smells disappear and your shoes become dry and bacteria-free. Sports shoes, but also luxurious leather shoes can be easily put on the boot dryer Go4Dry.
The Go4Dry has a catchy design. Easy to store because it folds up!

Clean with ozone
Our shoe dryer is useful for any household because everyone is angry about wet and foul smelling shoes. Socks that are worn all day come in the laundry daily. But we just put our shoes on the side. Bacteria develop in it and there is a risk of foot mold or irritated feet.

Sports shoes:
Clean for 5 minutes and dry for 20 minutes at about 65 C
Leather shoes or gloves:
Clean for 5 minutes and dry for 40 minutes at approx. 45 C

What is ozone?
Ozone (O3) is oxygen (O2) to which an extra oxygen atom has attached itself. Ozone has a strong cleaning effect, so that microorganisms such as mold and bacteria are broken down. In nature, ozone is created by the UV radiation of the sun and forms the protective ozone layer around the earth.

Easy to use.

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