Bauer Prodigy Youth Stick Composite 42" 30 Flex

Bauer Prodigy Youth Stick Composite 42" 30 Flex
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The Bauer Prodigy racket with 20 Flex is for young players who are looking for a racket with technical refinements to improve their game and stick handling. The Vapor Prodigy racquet Junior Bambini has the following technologies among others:
QRT technology for fast puck transfer
DU carbon fiber technology for a sturdy construction
MaxBalance trowel for improved stability
AERO FOAM 1 trowel
The Vapor Prodigy rackets were designed specifically for the young games. So the Flex was chosen so that even the younger players have enough power to flex the racket to improve the shooting technique for more precise and powerful shots. With the right flex, players can fully enjoy and use the other technologies in the racket.

The Prodigy racket from the Vapor series was equipped with the high-end QRT technology for the ambitious young player. With this technology, the taping area (transition between shaft and trowel) is shaped so that the recoil speed is increased while the energy remains at the bottom of the shaft to deliver the puck as soon as possible from the trowel.

In the shaft and in the trowel, Bauer used carbon fiber on the Vapor Prodigy racket DU. This carbon is also used in the shaft of the 2S Team racket and offers a good balance of durability and top playing characteristics for a good puck feeling.

The MaxBalance technology is also used in the Bauer Vapor Prodigy racket. A high-end feature is used in the top rackets such as the 2X Pro. Here at strategic points additional carbon fibers were processed in the trowel to give the trowel more power without increasing the weight and without destroying the balanced balance. Bauer uses the AERO FOAM 1 core in the trough interior for a good puck feel.

Specially designed bend P01 makes it easier for the player to lift the puck and makes it easier to pick up and drop the puck.

With the right flex, a low kick point and good technology, the Bauer Vapor Prodigy 30 Flex racquet is a great choice for young, ambitious players looking to improve their skills.

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