Warrior QRL True OPS Composite Stick Senior 85 Flex 63"

Warrior QRL True OPS Composite Stick Senior 85 Flex 63"
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Warrior Covert 85 Flex 63 "QRL Stick - the absolute professional racket from the Warrior forge, using the lightest and most durable materials available in Warrior

recommended for ice hockey:
- robust, durable, responsive, steady. The Covert line was made for one thing: more goals

Racket Flexprofile / Kick Point
- super low low kick point results in fast response times
- Dagger Tapper III
* Unique, thin and strong hosel for low-kick flex with fast load time and short puck delivery time
- Lightning Quick Release
* The explosive rebound increases the speed of pucking with more speed and pinpoint accuracy

Shaft construction:
- True1 construction

Shaft geometry:
- Tradition
* rounded corners with straight side walls
* Dagger Tapper III

Grip technology
- Pro Cortex grip
* a textured surface paired with a grip cover keeps your hands where they belong for optimal grip

Feature of the trowel:
- Miniumus Carbon 1000 fiber
* By using flat carbon fibers, a 10% weight reduction and 40% more strength is achieved
* 12K High Modulus Flat Fiber

Trowels build up rackets
- Matt finish

- 63 "

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