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Icehockey Composite Hockey Sticks Senior
Icehockey Sticks Senior,Bauer,CCM,Reebok and Warrior
stiffness: 80 Flex (35kp) bis 105 Flex (50KP)
lenght: ca 165 cm
Composite Stick Senior till 80 Flex
Composite Schläger Senior bis 80 Flex
Stiffness: 70 Flex (30kp) bis 80 Flex (37KP)
Lenght: ca 165 cm
Intermediate Composite Schläger
Intermediate Sticks for player between Junior and Senior
Stiffness: 55 Flex till 75 Flex (35 KP)
length: approx. 155 cm
Composite Hockey Sticks Junior
Composite Sticks Bambini Junior
Stiffness: 50 Flex (20kp) till 57 Flex (25 KP)
Lenght: ~ 145 cm
youth composite eishockey sticks
youth composite eishockey sticks
for child 4-7 Jahren stick to 132 cm
Wood-ABS Stick Senior
Cheap Wood ABS Stick Senior,ABS Stick,hockey stick, For Hockey Outdoor
Wood Stick Youth - Junior
Wood Stick Youth (Bambini) - Junior
For Hockey Outdoor or iced see


Jofa 4020 Titan Classic Hockey Stick Senior
44.62 €
49.95 € *
incl. VAT
plus shipping
11 %
Warrior QRL3 True OPS Composite Stick Junior 40 Flex
89.95 €
119.90 € *
incl. VAT
plus shipping
25 %
Warrior QRL3 True OPS Composite Stick Senior 75 Flex
79.65 €
99.90 € *
incl. VAT
plus shipping
20 %
INSTRIKE ABS 5555 Stick Youth
15.94 €
18.95 € *
incl. VAT
plus shipping
16 %
INSTRIKE Black Power High End Grip Ice Stick Senior 87 Flex
114.95 €
229.95 € *
incl. VAT
plus shipping
50 %
Bauer Vapor X600 Grip Composite Stick Junior 45 Flex
58.79 €
64.95 € *
incl. VAT
plus shipping
9 %
Bauer Vapor 1X Composite GriptacStick Senior Flex 87
197.95 €
369.95 € *
incl. VAT
plus shipping
46 %

stickside, length and flex

How to choose the correct Side for my stick:

It's very easy to choose the correct Side for your stick.

Just ask yourself which hand is down at the shaft if you perform a slpashot. This hand specifies which Side you need at your stick. It has no effect if the player is a right hander or left hander


left = left hand down at the shaft
right = right hand down at the shaft

Bambini/Youth/Kid: Sticks are suitable for players with a height up to 130cm

Junior: Sticks are suitable for players of a hight between 130cm and 155 cm

Intermediate: Sticks are suitable for players of a hight between 155-165cm 

Leisure time player shouldn't choose a stick with more than 85 Flex

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