CCM Tacks AS 580 shoulder pad Senior

CCM Tacks AS 580 shoulder pad Senior
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The CCM TACKS AS 580 shoulder protector offers high quality protection for recreational and league players with ASD (Anatomical Shield Design) and delivers mobility and comfort at the same time with FRONT FLEXMOTION construction.

The shoulder caps feature the JDP construction that has been proven over the years, directing forces away from the shoulder to provide the best possible protection. The underlying biceps guard is adjustable to provide the best possible fit.
In the torso area, molded medium-density EVA foam provides comfort and elite-level protection.

In the sternum area, the floating VENT-TECH STERNUM HYBRID SHIELD + helps protect against injury while being designed to be breathable. The spine is protected with the pressure-molded SPINE CAP. Clavicle and shoulder blade are covered with movable protectors, which at the same time allow high mobility.

The upper material made of COMFORT LINER offers excellent quality and provides a pleasant, dry wearing comfort. The adjustable lower abdomen protector provides a good transition to the pants, but is also removable if not needed.

The Tacks AS 580 shoulder protector offers excellent value for money and is suitable for players who expect good protection, comfort and mobility even below the top models when they are on the ice several times a week.

Features of the AS 580 Shoulder Protector:

- ASD and FLEXMOTION construction - for protection, mobility and comfort.

- JDP shoulder caps - to direct the force of impacts away from the shoulder

- EVA FOAM of medium hardness on the torso - for excellent protection and comfort

- adjustable biceps protector - for good fit on the upper arm

- VENT-TECH Sternum - for protection and good ventilation at the sternum

- COMFORT LINER - for a pleasant, dry feeling while playing

- Movable clavicle and shoulder blade protection - for good coverage and mobility

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