CCM Tacks 9060 ice hockey glove Senior black-white

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The Tacks 9060 Senior glove by CCM is protective, comfortable, and mobile - all at a great value. The 9060 gloves are designed with solid technologies and features to offer a comfortable, protective, and affordable option.The 9060 model has an anatomical construction that is snug around the hand and opens up toward the wrist and cuff. With the glove tapered through the fingers and backhand, you will have great control over your stick for puck handling.

Toward the top of the glove, CCM’s top-of-the-line segmented flex cuff offers enhanced freedom of movement, flexibility, and added protection for your wrist. The glove construction is also improved with the use of lightweight polyester. This high-quality material keeps the gloves light during play without sacrificing protection or durability.

For protection in the fingers and backhand, CCM uses dual density foams with PE inserts. These trusted materials provide a solid layer of protection in key areas to help prevent against hockey impacts of all kinds on the ice, including slashes and blocked shots. CCM also includes their pro flex thumb on the 9060. This two-piece thumb offers increased mobility, protection, and provides a better grip on your stick.

CCM also places a focus on the palm in the Tacks 9060 glove. At the place where the most wear-and-tear occurs in a hockey glove, CCM uses the high-quality nash material with reinforcements. The nash palm not only adds durability to the glove, but also offers great stick feel.

Features of the CCM Tacks 9060 glove Senior at a glance:

Fit of the 9060 icehockey Senior glove:

  • Contoured
    *Natural, anatomical fit close to the hand; flexible cuff fits like tapered fit
  • Flex cuff
    *Increases wrist mobility while keeping the protection in place

Protection of the Tacks 9060 gloves:

  • Dual-density PE foam with plastic insert reinforcement
    *Thick, lightweight protection with integrated plastic inserts in the fingers, backhand and cuff roll
  • Dual-density cuff
  • Two-piece molded thumb and thick medium-density foams
    *Increases mobility while still preventing hyperextension
    *Two-piece thumb

Exterior of these gloves:

  • Durable cable knit, and high-quality polyester
    *Flexible material for a broken-in feel right out of the box
    *Cable knit utilized in high-wear areas for its excellent abrasion-resistance
  • Synthetic leather cuff roll logo with stitched outline

Fingerarea of the CCM Tacks 9060 glove:

  • Finger air holes
    *Allows air to keep the fingers cool and dry
    *Reduces drying time after gameplay
  • Stretch nylon finger gussets
    *Gives a game-ready feel

Palm of the CCM Tacks 9060 Senior glove:

  • Nash palm with doubled stitched black nash overlay
    *Provides better durability without sacrificing stick feel
    *Grip print added for increased stick grip

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