Warrior Alpha QX Pro Elbow Pad Senior

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Warrior Alpha QX Pro Elbow Pad Senior
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Pro Equipment designed for superior fit, protection and mobility. Much more breathable than before du to VPS (Ventilated Performance System) Technology.


  • anatomical fit
  • Full two-piece construction
    *Nylon straps connecting the bicep guard to the body allows for full range of motion while keeping protection where it needs to be


  • Molded plastic elbow cap with Two-Timer Protection
    *Cap topped with medium-density foam for better impact absorption
    *Synthetic leather and higher-grade nylon covering for better durability


  • Segmented bicep guard with VPS (Ventilated Performance System) and plastic inserts
    *Molded and vented foams allow for air flow through the pad without sacrificing protection
  • Molded plastic forearm guards lined with medium-density foam
    *Provides enhanced protection


  • Molded plastic forearm guards lined with medium-density foam
    *Provides enhanced protection


  • Three-strap system
    *Neoprene Sling Wrap Y-Strap
    *Provides a more comfortable, more secure feel
    *1.5" neoprene-like elastic bicep & forearm guard strap


  • WarTech FNC (fresh and clean)
    *the strike yellow liner is powered by Polygiene so you're always dry, clean and odor free
    *Polygiene does not wash out because it is permanently integrated into the fabric

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