CCM Goalie Leg Pad Extrem Flex E 4.9 Intermediate white

CCM Goalie Leg Pad Extrem Flex E 4.9 Intermediate white
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The construction of the shin and boot on the CCM EF4.9 Intermediate Pad allows for the pad to give a spring like flex during play to work with the deep and natural movements of the goaltender.

Moving on to the outer gusset of the pad, the CCM EF4.9 Senior uses a thinner profile on the top of the pad in the thigh and knee area to allow the pad to hug the leg and sit closer to the body, not only in the stance but down in the butterfly as well. Down to the knee channel, there is a new adjustable and removable outer knee cradle wrap that can be moved up or down. The outer knee wrap is set on Velcro slots that allow the goalie to completely remove this wrap, if they want to angle down their knee strap. At the knee block, the EF4.9 knee raiser uses 3D Grip and PE Foam (Polyethylene) which is a durable, lightweight, and resilient material to provide a softer landing that is less stressful on the goaltender’s knees.

On to the leg channel, the CCM EF4.9 features a revised Quick Motion Strapping System that sits on the inner area of the leg channel on top of the goaltender’s calf just below the bend of the knee. CCM’s Quick Motion strap promotes a responsive connection between the goaltender and their pad that can be tightened or loosened up for the goalie’s preference. The Quick Motion strap that sits on the outside of the leg channel and goes through a loop on the opposite side of the leg channel and doubles back for a comfortable and secure feel.

On the theme of full elastic strapping, the boot of the CCM E4.9 now features a Flexible Toe Bungee style system. These flexible toe ties allow the goalie to get their skate close and tight to the pad so that the CCM EF4.9 pad will stay up on their leg in all movements. The toe ties also help the goalie get a large range of emotion with no restriction to help get quick and powerful pushes when in the butterfly.

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