Warrior Ritual G3 Trapper Goalie Catcher Senior white

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Warrior Ritual G3 Trapper Goalie Catcher Senior white
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The Warrior Ritual G3 Goalie Catcher has an extremely light weight and customizable design that allows goaltenders to personalize the glove to fit their preference.

- Pro spec sizing
- High quality synthetic leather exterior
* Lightweight and durable
- AxyFlex
* Out of the box full closure

- High quality synthetic leather exterior
* Lightweight and durable

- Single-T
* Decreases rotation and pop outs
- Axy-Flex Technologie
* stiff tee components that insert into rigid tent structures where the tee connects to the fingertips and thumb
* snappy open and closure - strong, sturdy tee that doesn't break down

- Full palm foam protection
- Easy break in

- Molded back hand pad
- High-density foam fingertip protection
- Large thumb box
* Provides maximum protection and range of motion

- Flared open at wrist
* Better mobility
- Mesh finger stall venting
* Allows airflow
- Removable liner
* Can choose 60, 75 and 90 degree breaks with practice palm option. (Comes stock with 75 degree break and no practice palm)
* Excellent for quickly drying inside of catcher
* Prevents crusting and wear

- One-piece cuff box construction for maximum blocking surface

- Five-point internal strapping system
* Easy-access wrist strap
* Comfort backhand strap
* Finger stall strap
* Internal liner adjustment straps

WEIGHT of a senior catcher.
- approximately XXX grams

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