CCM Fanghand Goalkeeper Catcher AXIS A1.9 Senior

CCM Fanghand Goalkeeper Catcher AXIS A1.9 Senior
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Axis A1.9 Senior has integral new pieces of technology and lightweight materials to help the goalie make glove saves all day long.

Visually, the Axis A1.9 Senior glove comes with SpeedSkin lined with strategic digital prints to provide a unique look and the best durability. Combined with the hex print style on certain zones, this graphic will be sure to turn heads.

The Axis A1.9 Senior glove has continued the perfect lineage of the 60-degree break angle for almost two decades. With this design on the Axis A1.9, the glove combines a natural hand closure while giving the goalie a good blocking cuff. The One-Piece cuff will give the goalie a larger blocking surface for when they engage in a blocking butterfly, yet the palm will show a large physical shape to the shooter and allow for a natural catch.

Layered Felt and Foam is used internally on the palm of the glove to provide solid protection to helps reduce the likelihood of stingers while keeping a broken in feel.

In the pocket of the glove, CCM has taken the massive success from the previous models and added the Double Straight T as a stock option on the Axis A1.9 Senior. This pocket allows the goalie to completely see into the pocket and still yield for a soft catch. At the base of the spine of the T, there is a U-shaped design which keeps for a clean attachment point and promotes an easy break in and game ready feel right out of the box. On the spines of the glove, they have been stiffened to help give a better shape and depth to the pocket which will give the goalie the maximum depth allowed to help cradle pucks.

Internally, there is a new Velcro setup across the fingers to give a better fit on the inside of the glove. While the rest of the strapping setup will look familiar, this new strap across the back of the hand will create a better overall fit to keep the hand in the glove and give the best closure. The Axis A1.9 Senior glove comes with a Nash liner to help the goalie keep their hand locked in the glove throughout use.

Finishing off back of the glove, there is a raised HD finger rail to provide goaltenders with the great backhand protection while in the RVH position.

Compared to the Axis A1.9 Senior Glove, the Axis Pro will feature higher quality construction with higher grade materials, more hand protection and overall better durability.

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