Bauer GSX Catcher intermediate white

Bauer GSX Catcher intermediate white
Bauer GSX Catcher intermediate white (2) Bauer GSX Catcher intermediate white (3)
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Bauer GSX Intermediate Catcher Goalie Glove white. The GSX glove will feature brand new designs and constructions to make it the most broken and comfortable glove Bauer has ever made.

The GSX glove starts with a crisp, digitally printed graphic to create a clean surface. Reducing stitches and graphics also reduces weight and makes the glove feel light.

Starting with the cuff, the GSX has a solid 1-piece cuff to avoid negative bends in the cuff and wrist and to give the goalkeeper a clean blocking surface when it needs to be pressed in firmly. To lock the glove, the GSX has a 75-degree lock that the goalkeeper can use to catch the pucks above or behind the fingertips.

The GSX redesigned the padding to create strategic cuts to make the glove closure feel more natural. This Free Flex back starts at the back of the fingertips and moves up to the wrist. This gives the goalkeeper full freedom of movement to get his hand into position and make important savings. Bauer has equipped the inside of this glove with an Air Mesh lining to keep this glove light and comfortable.

The GSX glove from Bauer has a thinned Double T-Spine, which gives the pocket of the glove more lacing. As more point is added, the amount of plastics and materials is reduced to hold back pucks from entering the pocket. This Double T-Spine has a gorgeous skate pocket to hold back pucks and hold a soft closure for the life of the glove.

Compared to the GSX glove, the Supreme 3S offers higher quality materials both inside and outside, which enable better durability and a lower weight of the glove.

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