Vaughn Ventus 700 T Goalie Pad Yth. / Bambini

Vaughn Ventus 700 T Goalie Pad Yth. / Bambini
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The 700 Velocity 6 leg pad is carefully proportioned and scaled for optimal fit so that all of the flex points are correctly located for fast and easy break in. It is a perfect "first pad" for the beginning goaltender, and it's a great pad for youth associations looking to buy starter gear for their leagues or classes.

The 700 has HD foam in both the internals of the pad, and also in the outer roll. This foam acts to keep the pad rigid, and helps it retain its shape and minimize twist. Some youth model pads use lower density foams which both compress over time, and allow the pads to twist out of shape. The boot break in the pad is very flexible, and the boot scoop is also tapered on the inside. The soft boot allows the goalies ankle to move more freely while attached to the pad, and the tapered boot allows the goalie to keep the inside edge of his skate blade on the ice while striding or pushing off. Traditional knee rolls and Vaughn's popular "V6" graphic - the same graphic that the NHL goalies wear - complete the look of the pad face.

The interior of the pad features a deep knee lock and boot channel to keep the pad square on the young goalie's leg. The knee is secured in place by a large velcro strap that runs underneath the knee bend to pieces of LD foam that flank the leg, and next to this knee lock (on the inside of the leg) is a large LD foam block. Together, these pieces will hold the pad in place, and they will also protect the knee against impacts on the ice when going into a butterfly position. One leather boot strap holds the pad to the skate, and nylon straps with plastic clips run up the leg so that even the least experienced goalie can secure the pads easily.

- Knee cradle for pad security and control
- Segmented outside roll adds flexibility
- Designed to maximize blocking area

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