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CCM SP Quicklite 270 Shoulder Pad Junior

CCM SP Quicklite 270 Shoulder Pad Junior

CCM Quciklite 270 Shoulder Pad - An evolution on our successful RBZ UFoam protection, the QuickLite 270 shoulder pads maintain the same low profile fit and amazing lightweight feel, while taking it to the next level. What's new? This line introduces Ventshield technology to help improve breathability helping to keep players comfortable throughout the game. Ideal for the players looking for added confidence in the corners.

- Low Profile Design
- Elastic Velcro Straps
* 2 straps across ribs and locks in front
* Straps on each bicep guard

- Molded low profile PE caps with eva coverage
* lightweight and high level of protection.

- Molded PE Clavicle Protection
* Strong lightweight protection across clavicle
* Protection wraps over shoulder for comprehensive security
* Elastic straps allow flexibility

- Separated Front Panel
* Sternum guard attached by elastic straps
* Comfortable mobility with strong protection
- Anatomical molded PE chest
* high level of protection.
- Eva molded vented front
* improve breathability and lightweight feel

- Segmented Back
* Comfortable wrap around backside
- Eva molded vented front
* improve breathability and lightweight feel

- Adjustable molded PE cap with Medium Density Foams
* customizable elite protection.

- Dryfoam Technology
* Water resistant closed cell foams to ensure the pad stays lightweight

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